From being homeless on the streets of Tacoma to serving in the Washington State Legislature, Jesse's journey has given him the grit to be your voice of reason in the
Washington State Senate.


Coming up on the tough streets of Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood in the late 1980s and early 1990s wasn’t easy.  Jesse learned a lot of lessons–some of them tougher than others.  Through it all, Jesse believes it was God’s grace and protection during those years that kept him from becoming just another statistic like so many others.  Even though times were tough, Jesse chose to fight the odds and keep moving forward.  From graduating at the top of class and being awarded the title of Valedictorian to graduating from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Management Information Systems to being a self-employed small business owner to being appointed to and then re-elected to the Washington State House of Representatives three additional times, Jesse Young has been forged in the fire of life’s difficulties.  Through it all, his faith and his family kept him strong.

However impressive Jesse’s journey may be, these wouldn’t be his greatest accomplishments.  His wife, Jennie and their six wonderful children are what he cares about most. There is nothing Jesse is more proud of than his family.  He takes being a role model for his six kids seriously and works really hard to teach them to overcome the challenges of life that he knows all too well.

From the streets of Tacoma to serving in the State House…what a journey! Jesse Young was unanimously appointed in January 2014 by Democratic and Republican officials to serve as the State Representative for Legislative District 26, Position 1 after the seat became vacant. He was then re-elected three additional times by a popular vote of the people.  The district ranges from Bremerton to Port Orchard to Gig Harbor and a lot of rural areas in between. As a Representative, Jesse has proven he is not just a yes vote for his party but takes careful consideration on every issueespecially education. He brings to the table the perspective of someone who has seen the harder side of life; sadly, a side many people in District 26 continue to face. Jesse’s goals are simple; stand up for the rights of others and work hard to make sure  opportunities exist for everyone to achieve their best life.

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